Skin Care

Natural Coconut Deoderant


Looking to minimize heavy metal toxicity? If you don’t know why this is important, hit the button below. This aluminum-free deodorant glides on clear, is never sticky, and it really works! Trust me; I tested it last summer in hot, humid Florida!

The Perfect Canvas Prep


The first thing I apply, by “touching in” with a blunt brush, to even out skin tone, conceal dark spots and provide a smooth look for everyday. Note: Start with less; add only as needed for a “no makeup” look. Click here for purchase.

Lipstick Queen


Lipstick Queen 2-piece custom color for cheeks and lips. I love this duo and it works for every skin tone for a simple, fresh “no-makeup” look for everyday. I use a blunt brush to “touch“ it onto cheeks; a little dab’l do ya! The lip color is rich and moisturizing and gives you just enough color.

Eyeliner & Mascara in 1


 Easy-Peasy, once you get the hang of it! The magic is in the butterfly, flared brush. Start close to base of lashes and eye enhancement time is cut in half! Have Q-tips handy for easy cleanup. Click here to purchase.

The Perfect Finish


For a flawless finish, I have’t found anything better than Bare Escentuals® Mineral Veil. It works with every skin tone to “set” your face. Once you’ve applied makeup or for a natural look after just moisturizing, it provides the perfect, light, matte finish to your skin.

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