Bullet-Proof Coffee


Have your tried Bullet-Proof® Coffee? Start your day by feeding your brain the healthy fats it need to stay sharp, supporting your collagen needs for tissue repair (think, less wrinkles!) and curbing hunger for hours! I blend, in a Nutri Bullet®, 1 cup of coffee, 1 tablespoon each of Brain Octane and Ghee, and 1 scoop of Cold Brew Mutil Collagen. When on the run, I use this travel frother for the perfect latte any time of the day!

Cacao Bliss®


Raw Cacao Contains More Antioxidant Power Than Most Foods On The Planet! Cacao helps promote gut health and a balanced digestive tract, plus supports cell and tissue health and strength. I love to add it to my Bullet Proof Coffee each morning, along with Cold Brew Collagen (also found in My Favorites) for the ultimate Morning Starter! Click here to learn more bout Cacao Bliss®.

Cold Brew Multi Collagen Protein


Collagen is what keeps your body together, so making sure you have enough of it is beneficial for overall health. In fact,  collagen  makes up about 30% of all the protein in your body, which means it helps keep your  organs and systems running smoothly. Cold Brew Collagen from Dr. Axe, is a delicious addition to my morning Bullet Proof Coffee. I encourage you to give it a try!

Almond Joy Fat Bombs


 The perfect “Fav to Curb Your Crave” for guilt-free for sweet-tooth suppression! Simple to make and keep on hand for that bite of heaven with the last sip of your favorite red blend. 

Healthy, Raw Crunchiness!


Great for on-the-go, raw, plant-based nutrition. For extra protein, I love topping with a low-sugar nut butter, like Sunflower or Almond butter.

Drink Celery Juice


Why do I drink Celery Juice every day? When prepared and consumed in the right way (it’s really simple), Celery Juice is miraculous healing remedy and preventative herb (yep, it’s an herb!) for so many things our bodies need.