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I believe curiosity and a thirst for learning are our greatest assets for experiencing all life has to offer. Information and knowledge are tools for navigating our life experience and enjoying it to the fullest. I‘m insatiably curious and love learning how to better use these tools to enhance the quality of my experience.

Sharing What I’ve Learned

I’ve been asked many times to share things I’ve found, have tried and love, and to which I subscribe; this site is my proverbial “bag of tricks”. Feel free to explore, try for yourself, and share If and how they work for you. Different perspectives are always welcomed and, I believe, add to the richness and beauty of our mutual experiences. 

On a different front, new  testing has revealed that my long-term, chronic health symptoms are the result  of undiagnosed, latent Lyme Disease and  related co-infections,  In addition to some known root causes, which coupled together, explain much of my ongoing challenge with wellness. I will be recording, via the GoodStuff2Know Blog, my journey to restored wellness. Perhaps you will recognize similar unexplained symptoms keeping you from feeling your best. If you’ve become frustrated with the lack of attention to and accuracy in your health treatment plans to date, I encourage you to follow along with me as I research, educate myself, and share my work to address what I truly believe, and is slowly becoming accepted, as the “root cause” of so many of the seemingly mysterious and chronic conditions that keep us in states of “unwellness”. 

It’s not an easy journey, but with the plethora of ever-increasing information at our fingertips and the emerging changes in the practice of “health care” becoming increasingly available, I believe we can heal and live the full, abundant lives our bodies were meant to provide us. We must, however, be our own Health Advocates, with the awareness that the only thing that heals us is our own healthy immune systems. Drugs do not cure our diseases, but merely address the acute symptoms of underlying dis-ease until the body can identify and remove the pathogens and pollutants responsible for stressing our immune systems. Only when restored and in balance, can our immune systems  restore the symbiotic balance to our whole body; physical, mental, and emotional, so that we function In intregrated harmony. I believe this is the path to wellness.

Community of Fellow Adventurers

I believe we all have our own unique gifts to offer as we journey through our different but connected adventures. I offer this as a place to connect and share as we continuously enhance the quality of our life experience.

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My purpose was to create learning space to share knowledge and information, so feel free to ask questions about what you find here or want to know more about and please let me know what you like or feel I could do better to enhance the site. I look forward to continuing  learning and  sharing; we all have much to contribute!